Do your research. You get what you pay for.

In 2014 The ProGroup launched GarageCarpetPro and began telling homeowners about the benefits of having purpose made waterproof carpet installed in their garages. In the following years we have created additional warm, safe, living spaces for thousands of New Zealand families. From day one we chose to use high quality European made product and have kept using that same product over the years. We have never had a product warranty claim.

When training our specialist franchisees how to install garage carpet we sought advice from industry experts on how to prepare the floor to ensure maximum adhesion of the glue, and how to double cut the joins to give a strong, almost invisible, finished result. Preparation of the floor is absolutely key to ensuring the carpet does not lift over time. Installing over painted surfaces, or oily, greasy residues is an absolute no no, so we chose to follow the guidelines set out in the Australian and New Zealand Standards for installation of floor coverings. These standards clearly state that the floor must be prepped to remove any contaminants that will affect adhesion.

Unfortunately, in recent years we have become aware of other carpet providers and installers who have sourced lower quality product from China and often don’t inform the homeowner of the need to correctly prepare the floor surface. Some of the issues we regularly see, and are called to fix, are:

  • Poor quality carpet that stretches under vehicle stress and varies in colour and shade across the floor.
  • Loose fibres shedding from the carpet.
  • Carpet laid directly over painted floors or vinyl coverings.
  • Carpet seams opening up due to butt joining instead of the correct double cut join.
  • No transition strips fitted at entranceways resulting in the carpet edges lifting.
  • Generic spray adhesives used instead of the correct high quality trowel applied glues.

While these issues may not show themselves as problems initially, they will result in a much reduced lifespan, and costly repairs or replacement down the track.

It is important therefore to weigh up all factors when choosing a garage carpet installation company. Ask the questions regarding where the carpet was made and how it will be laid. Ask about preparation of the surface. At the end of the day you want a solution that is “truly affordable” across the lifetime of the carpet, not just the cheapest price on the day.