Garage Carpet is now the norm – Nationwide New Zealand

Look at the majority of new homes these days and they have garage carpet installed. It has become the norm rather than the exception. Garages are now used for more than just  housing the famly car – they are used as additional living space for the kids to play in on rainy days, or  as home gyms or offices. Many have the laundry located in them so why not be able to walk out there in bare feet or socks without freezing your feet?

Garage carpet allows this – resilient, warm and safe underfoot.

Be careful whan specifying garage carpet as part of your new home build though. The company who is providing the main carpeting for your home often charges a premium for the garage as they already have your business.

GarageCarpetPro only do garage carpet and are specialists at installing it. Our pricing is very competitive and you may be surprised at what you can save by getting us to quote.