Painted Garage Floor – East Auckland

This garage in Auckland’s eastern suburbs is typical of what we come across. At some point the floor had been painted with a supposed concrete paint that has worn away over the years where the cart tyres run. In fact there are very few flooring paints that can withstand the chemical compounds in modern car tyres. These compounds are released when the tyres are hot (after a drive) and delaminated the paint from the surface. Even epoxy based paints suffer the same fate over time.

Our standard policy in this situation is to lightly grind the floor to remove any flaking paint and roughen the surface to ensure a perfect bond between the glue and the concrete. This often results in the paint being removed from the entire floor prior to installing the carpet. This process is in line with the New Zealand Standards for Installation of textile flooring coverings (AS/NZS 2455.1:2007).

Once the surface is prepared, the carpet is laid as normal.

This particular garage had a small step up into the house which was also carpeted.